So we did something CRAZY...

Thanks to every single one of you Sockers, 2023 was an amazing year for American Socks, we travelled all around the world on our Pop Up tour, got to see a lot of friends and meet really cool new people. 

This 2024 we wanted to do something big, huge even, but like every great adventure it starts with a great story, let us tell:

Japan has been a dream for a long time, and you might be wondering, why Japan out of al the possible countries to choose to expand? Well, buckle up because we're gonna get personal in here...

This doesn't come out of anywhere, the Nippon lands have always caught our attention, mostly for their unique urban style and subcultures formed in there. Lots of our designs are inspired in the culture, both traditionally and modern.

Shogun Fest Signature AMSCKS
Shogun Fest Signature

The first time we stepped foot in the country was the chance to attend the Interstyle Exhibition , we wanted to put our brand out there!

Besides being completely swept by the visuals Japan has to offer, we instantly felt a connection with music.

Both melodically and aesthetically, we fell in love with the different genres like J Rock, Visual Kei and of course Punk and Metal. From our personal experience, the passion felt in the concerts cannot compare.

We also have to mention a huge part of our brand, which is sport. Skate, surf and snowboard are extremely popular, and like we ́ve seen in the last olympic games, they know how to ace it!!

The team has also got a chance to do a Pop Up at Punk Spring, one of the greatest alternative festivals in the country, which also gave us the opportunity to collaborate with some really cool bands like Hey Smith and The Bonez

Punk Spring 2023

And for that and many more reasons we decided to take American Socks one step forward and open a store in Japan. 

Little by little this dream is coming true...So stay tuned and mark your calendars because this 23rd of February we take over Japan!! What do you think? Would you take this risky adventure?

Join us on both our social medias to keep up with this exciting project! 

See you soon Sockers!

 @americansocks @americansocks.japan